June 09 2020

Macro Provides Managed Services at the DECC

It has been a busy time since our introductory article with several significant opportunities in the pipeline, despite the downturn in the economy.
The profile of enquiries has changed slightly in that there would appear to be a desire for the large corporates to ensure that they are getting value both from their assets and from their existing contracts and they need help doing that in the form of consultancy or advisory services and we have been engaged in putting together proposals in response to this need.
Value and quality are two of our key drivers which obviously equates to a cost, not necessarily or usually the lowest cost but one that delivers right first time solutions and over the length of the contract provides a consistent and definable level of quality. Cost of course is always the main concern but quite often the lowest cost does not deliver what is required or best, most discerning clients now consider value as the key driver.
It’s a bit like buying something at a cheap shop and then it breaking the first time you use it – pay the right price for the right quality product and it will last longer.