• 40 years of al sraiya

Letter from the Chairman

Competition is high, economies fluctuate, businesses start and end as quickly as the sun rises and sets. These day’s new technology as well as creative and modern concepts are all around. We have come a long way and yet we still have far to go. It takes strength, understanding, persistence, and an adaptive mindset to achieve growth of a business in today’s world.

Not every business is capable of spreading and flourishing across the international community, nor through the decades. Without a strong tie to values and traditions it is rare that the new of today remain strong and prosper tomorrow.

For over 40 years Al Sraiya Holding Group has witnessed the developing times of Qatar and successfully been a part of it. We’ve grown with the enjoyment of what we do and with the appreciation of the opportunity to add to the national advancement of the different sectors. Qatar has now become the land of opportunities for new businesses with record breaking projects mounting. As we handle some of the biggest projects, our ambitions for a stronger future pushes us to continuously strive toward breaking new horizons in all of our sectors.

Although it has been a long pathway with a range of challenges, we have successfully built a strong reputation in the market and have attained the position of being one of the top in our fields. At the heart of Al Sraiya Holding Group, we remain focused on attending to customer’s needs, investing in our employees, protecting our environment, and most importantly providing Qatar with the local and international resources it needs to fulfill its vision for 2030.

Talent, experience and innovation, along with tradition, is what accentuates and achieves our mission to effectively be the “all in one” mega holding. Al Sraiya Holding Group was established to cater to the infrastructural development of Qatar in 1975. With the advent of the year 2000, the Group further diversified its operations into 5 groups; the Engineering Group, Industrial Group, Hospitality Group, Trading Group and General Services Group.

By the end of 2018 Al Sraiya Holding has managed to increase its profile in the hospitality industry to a new level by acquiring 11 internationally recognized hotels; five of which are in Doha, Qatar, three in London, England, one in Munich, Germany, one in Washington D.C, U.S, and one in Warsaw, Poland. The group has expanded its investments by acquiring partnerships with both Mado Yasar Dondurma (Mado) and Goknur in Turkey. In the works also is the new educational group, the Scholar, where we contribute towards the education of those of tomorrow.

Our strong principles and values based on performance with purpose have helped strengthen and shape our core, and has guided the Holding Group through a path of prosperity and sustainable success.

There is nothing that cannot be achieved when there is a will, a goal, a mission, and a vision.

With over 56 companies in nine countries, with 25,000employees, my legacy will continue through family generations to thrive across the construction, industrial, general services, hospitality and educational sectors as well as new areas of investments as the times continue to evolve.

I invite you to join us on our journey of endless innovation.


Nassar Rashid Sraiya Al Kaabi