The Psychology of Risk

May 31, 2018 HospitalityEconomyBusiness

The Psychology of Risk

Financial Sector

What do you know outside of your conscious awareness? When it comes to making financial decisions do you know why you do what you do? The field of psychology has resea...

Get Comfortable with Risk Management

May 31, 2018 HospitalityEconomyBusiness

Are you a financial risk taker? Do you enjoy an adrenaline kick when it comes to investments? A lot of the population would say no.

Investment is all about risk. If you understand risk in its different forms, as an investor you will be better able t...

The Trick to Inspirational Leadership

September 15, 2018 HospitalityEconomyBusiness


Inspiration electrifies the soul. A boss can tell you what to do, but a leader can inspire you to do what’s needed because you want to and to the best of your ability.


Who comes to mind when you think of an &lsquo...

6 Tips to Strengthen Your Time management

May 31, 2018 HospitalityEconomyBusiness

“Tomorrow, noun; a mystical land where 99% of all human’s productivity, motivation, and achievement is stored.”


Time is the most precious thing in life. When it come...

You are Your Habits

Jul 10, 2018 HospitalityEconomyBusiness

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Will Durant


Creatures of habits is what w...

6 Keys of the Temperament of Success

Jul 3, 2018 HospitalityEconomyBusiness

How do great investors become great? How do they seem to always have the fortune to pick winning investments? What is it that sets them apart from the majority of us? An individual’s natural disposition affects the decisions that they make. It can ess...

Inside an Investment Holding Company

May 31, 2018 HospitalityEconomyBusiness

What is a Holding Company?

A holding company is a parent corporation, limited liability company or limited partnership, that is a vehicle for owning other companies. Its existence is to hold investments, such as property like real estate, trademarks...

The Etiquette of Fine Dining

May 31, 2018 HospitalityEconomyBusiness

The rules for the polite and expected ways of fine dining may come natural to those born with a silver pacifier, but for the rest of us it can mean a state of awkward embarrassment upon entrance to the royal feast realm.

It is important to follow th...

Are You Busy or Productive?

May 31, 2018 HospitalityEconomyBusiness

What is the difference between being busy and being productive? Contrary to the general assumption, they do not mean the same thing. Everyone knows someone whose work ethic and time management inspires us. You are left wondering ho...

What makes for a good investment?

May 31, 2018 HospitalityEconomyBusiness

When you think of a “good” investment, what comes to mind? Contrary to the what most people think, there is no magical business you can pick out of the market and expect to become a millionaire over the night.  ...

What you should know about Business Partnerships

May 31, 2018 HospitalityEconomyBusiness

Before your business takes flight what should you do? Select the most suitable business structure. To create your mammoth of a success, you will need everything from resources to the right decision makers. A business partnership might just be the right thin...






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